What is our curriculum intent?

Our Curriculum Intent

A Shared Vision for Learning at St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School


At St. Francis Xavier we put Christ at the centre of all we do.  Our school mission is to ensure every pupil knows that God has created them to be unique, to live out the Gospel values and to become trusting, forgiving and loving people.  Our curriculum reflects these values and each individual is encouraged to use God’s gifts fully to be challenged to reach his or her full potential. Our pupils will be taught powerful knowledge and skills that enables them to lead purposeful, successful lives, make a positive contribution to society and be confident individuals. 

We will achieve this through a well-sequenced, coherent curriculum which is:

  • influenced by Catholic (CSPP) and British Values which are at the heart of our school ethos;
  • broad and balanced to ensure our children learn across a wide spectrum of subjects;
  • a language rich culture that enables pupils to articulate their thinking and express themselves;  accessible for all pupils.

We use ‘Aspire to be…’ to underpin our curriculum, which enables children to be the best versions of themselves.

These skills are woven into all areas of school life. Links are made in planning, teaching and learning (see appendix 1).


Our curriculum is designed to be:

  • sequential with learning set out to revisit and dig deeper into key knowledge and skills as children get older;
  • set out in subject areas with links made to Computing, language & oracy where appropriate;
  • includes real life experience and enquiry challenges to engage children;
  • focused on language and connecting reading and writing to oracy – by providing cross curricular opportunities for reading as well as reading for pleasure approaches;
  • well planned, with engaging lessons that aim to positively impact the learning of all pupils in our school and, as a result, improve outcomes.

Whilst this curriculum is taught and learned, it will continue to be developed, where necessary, to reflect the needs and lives of our learners.

Below you will find our knowledge and skills progression maps. As we continue with the development of our provision, these will change and be added to accordingly. 

Progression of skills at St Francis Xavier

Parent and Carers' Guides and Links

Subject Overviews

RE Curriculum

Our school follows the curriculum strategy - Learning and Growing as the People of God - provided by the Archdiocese of Birmingham for teaching RE in a Catholic primary school.

You can see an overview of the units taught throughout the school by clicking on the document below:

RE is also taught right across the curriculum by making links with ideas and activities that start in RE lessons. There are also numerous opportunities for extended writing in RE and to enhance RE learning through the use of ICT.

In addition to the diocesan strategy we also hold an annual multicultural and multi-faith celebration week and visit places of worship. We also invite special visitors into school to speak about their faith.

Emmaus CMAC
St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School Ofsted
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