Head Teacher / Principal: Mrs J Downes


Friday 23rd October 2020

Calendar Reminder


All INSET days are on the calendar forthis year, please take a note as I know many of you may
wish to plan visits (where safe to) home to families and for holidays.
INSET day for this term was spent looking at how we can help our children learn more effectively. This will continue the good practice that takes place at school. We are focusing on helping our children deepen their learning by asking them questions that help them think.
You can support your children in helping them to recall facts thatthey have learnt and learning new
ideas in small steps.

A way to do this at home would be to do practice little and often, e.g., if you are focusing on spelling patterns, explore and focus on a small number per day, rather than 'testing' them on the whole list. This could be the same for tables and number bonds.

Parent / Carer Progress Meetings - Bookings can take place now

Bookings can be made via your school app or online.
There will be an opportunity after half term for you to discuss progress with your son/daughter’s teacher via teams or a telephone call. This will be as follows:

Year 6: Monday 2nd November, 1-5.50pm
Year 5: Tuesday 3rd November, 1-5.50pm
Year 4: Wednesday 4th November, 1-5.50pm

Year 3: Thursday 5th November, 1-5.50pm
Year 2: Monday 9th November, 1-5.50pm
Year 1: Tuesday 10th November, 1-5.50pm

Please email  if you have any issues.

Timings for start and end of the school day

After half term, when we return on Monday 2nd November, the timings will be as follows:

8.40am: Children with siblings
8.45am: Children without siblings

3.05pm: Children with siblings
3.15pm: Children without siblings

Remember that this can only work if you continue to cooperate with us and one another,
being considerate of only coming for your given times.

Staying Safe, Praying Safe

Father came to lead a Penitential Service with us yesterday with Year 6 and again spoke about
how excellent all of our children were.

Well done Year 6!

Facemasks for keeping safe

There are a good number of parents/carers following the rules of safety here. But, disappointingly, some who are not.
You MUST adhere to these rules so that we can all remain safe. Face masks MUST be worn on school premises and if you are visiting school for a face to face meeting (where you may be less than 2 metres apart).


Well done to everyone who is working so hard with us to take holidays (though travel during these times is very limited for many!) at the correct time and NOT during term time. Your commitment to
your children’s education has enabled our attendance to be at 97.8% so far this year.
This is amazing and we are very proud!

Merit Assemblies

Please remember that half term, Merit Assemblies will take place in school, in each classroom. There will be a list of the successful children on the newsletter so that this can be shared with our school

Uniform and Hairstyles Reminder

Well done to everyone in full school uniform, which includes a jumper AND coat EVERYDAY. Also, ONLY black, white or grey scoks or tights.

I have noticed that some of our boys have very short haircuts, most are smart and in line with our school policy. Please make sure that hair is NOT cut any less than GRADE 2. Our uniform and hairstyle policy is available on our school website. I am sure that you will support school in our aim to ensure that we achieve the highest standards in everything we do.

Punctuality - Well done everyone!

Well done to EVERYONE! There have been nearly no late marks anywhere in school last week. 2 House points for EVERYONE!

Superstars at home...

Normally, children would bring in awards/achievements to share with school for wider learning. We have one this week, but I am sure that there are many more. I would like to start a Superstars Gallery for any of our boys and girls taking part in wider activities beyond school. So, please email in achievements from after half term, so that they can be shared in the newsletters. This week, it is well done to one of our children in Year 2, Grhitha, who has been very successful in Coding online. You may want to try creating a quiz yourself

Please remember online safety though and ensure that a trusted adult is supporting what you are doing online

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