Computer Champions

Welcome to the Computer Champions' section of the school website.

The important thing to know about us is that we have not been able to begin until this year due to Covid restrictions.  We are looking forward to being hard at work and you may not even notice it! There are many demands to our role; here at just a few:

- We will look after the equipment around the school; the laptops, iPads, computers, projectors and teaching screens. If there is a problem we get asked first. If we can't help Miss Ward or any of our trusty technicians will always come to help!

- We will help highlight the importance of Online Safety across school. We aim to create displays for the Computing Suite and mini projects to raise awareness to stay safe online.

- If there is a problem while using the laptops (such as internet sites we are not sure we should be on) we can help our friends fix the problem.

There is lots of help and advice on the internet when it comes to being safe online. If you have any concerns or feel uncomfortable with anything you find online always tell your parents or a teacher. The links below give you lots of information to help with most situations.

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