Welcome to Year 1!

'Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.'

- St Francis of Assisi - Class Saint

You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. - Winnie the Pooh

Hello everyone! We miss you all so much and hope that you are safe and well during this time. It has been lovely to see what some of you have been doing while in lockdown, it truly brings a smile to our faces. Please make sure to look after yourself during this uncertain time. This page will be used to keep you updated.

God Bless,

Miss Hibbert, Mrs Tucker and Mrs Paige.

A Message from Your New Teacher

Religious Education and Prayer life

Father Kelly, from St Francis of Assisi Church, is praying for you all every day, along with our very own Father Joseph. Father Kelly would love to share your prayers with the parish. If you would like to write a prayer and send it to us, we can forward this on to Father Kelly and he will share some of your prayers during Mass, which you can then watch on the link below.

Daily Schedule

9.00 am Eucharistic Adoration (in silence)
9.30 am Daily Mass (including Sunday)

8.00 pm Rosary with Eucharistic Adoration, concluding with Night Prayer at 8.45 pm

Timetable guide

What will the boys and girls in Year 1 learn in English?

What will the boys and girls in Year 1 learn in Maths?

Home learning projects

Daily Live Lessons

Simmering skills - What basic skills activities should I be doing every day?

- Reading: I know how much you all love to read or be read to! Unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity for you all to tell me what you have read and your reviews on the books as we are not in school at the moment. However, I thought it would be a lovely idea if you could keep a list of what you have read or what someone has read to you, so when we are all reunited back at school we can share it with one another. I also will be keeping a list!

You can read to a parent, your toys, sibling or even your pet!

- Phonics: Don't forget to practise your phonics daily, focus on one or two sounds a day. These are just some ideas: You could ask your parents to write words with the sound/s you are focused on for the day cut them up into little cards and play crossing the river with your family members; You can write a story using alien words or you could play bingo.

- Spelling: Practice your spellings each day, pick a focus (common exceptions words, writing numbers as words) and find fun ways to practise it - this might be by creating a poster or other artwork, making up a song or a chant.

-Maths: TT Rockstars, Hit the Button and Numbots are a fun and interactive way of learning your X tables and number bonds.

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