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What is our curriculum intent?

A Shared Vision for Learning at St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School

What is our INTENT?

All stakeholders (leaders within school, staff and governors) have worked together to build a shared vision for St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School. 

Our agreed intent simply put is that our children will be RESILIENT.

We intend for our children to leave, inspired by themselves and empowered by others, in the footsteps of Christ to be resilient:

·       Spiritually;

·       Morally;

·       Academically;

·       Mentally;

·       Emotionally.

Underpinning all aspects of live, this aim for resilience will be driven through:

  • Gospel Values and Jesuit Virtues and values that are a river that flows throughout the curriculum and life of the school.
  • The promotion of British Values in partnership with PCSOs and other agencies that can widen our children’s minds from the youngest age.
  • Inspiring, leading and supporting children on their learning journey of Reading, so that they develop a love of reading.
  • Developing as a school that will say, We HEART Reading through providing opportunities for children to find their own love of reading, as each individual can be so unique in their interests.
  • Teaching children that the love of reading is something they can all achieve through them taking part in many reading experiences.
  • Equipping children as early readers to decipher sounds, build and blend words, make sense of what they read.
  • Having the highest expectations of children’s vocabulary development that builds on from early reading, phonics into spelling – where patterns NOT just spellings are learnt.
  • Teaching children that spelling is a problem solving skill and explore a wide range of vocabulary.
  • Developing ‘softer’ skills of curiosity, making connections, communication, perseverance, curiosity and reasoning throughout the curriculum to enable challenge for all.
  • Encouraging children to be aware of their environment and the local area, knowing about how to respect those around them and consider them in relevant aspects of their learning.
  • Encouraging children to be self-sufficient and resilient, by constant practice of those ‘softer’ skills.
  • The use of SUMO 4 Schools, which enables children to deal with problems, find solutions and be empathetic to those around them.
  • Further developing our Mental Health policy, recognising how vital good mental health is to enable our boys and girls to access their learning.
  • The school supporting local businesses and leading learning about Vocations, so that they can contribute to the wider world as Soldiers of Christ.
  • Leading Sacramental programmes that take them to Confirmation and spend time after this practising how they will be Soldiers of Christ in their school family, the Church community and plan for how they will impact on the wider world now and in the future.
  • Aiming to become a Rights Repsecting school, so that all children know their rights and know what entitlements they have and especially know that keeping themselves safe is an ultimate priority.
  • The staff and all stakeholders creating a nurturing and safe environment that challenges all stereotypes and barriers to learning – this is done through the use of Single Point (a counselling and family support service that the school access).
  • Continuning to build a curriculum that empowers children, so that they, along with the staff and families, believe that they are capable of achieving their best.
  • Ensuring that children know that the staff and leaders, have the very highest expectations of them as well as themselves.
  • Providing wider opportunities for children, so that they access the best music provision possible and are provided with enriching and stimulating experiences, that will set a love of culture that they can embrace throughout their lives.
  • A skills focused curriculum that enhances knowledge, memory and experiences.
  • A clear expectation for homework, so that children develop sustainable habits and excellent attitudes to extending their learning both in and out of school.
  • Enabling parents and carers to assist their children’s learning through workshops, support and constant communication.
  • An open-door approach, so that parents/carers know as their children’s first teachers, there is a vested interest in school and the school staff aim to work in partnership with families.
  • Progression of skills at St Francis Xavier

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    Subject Overviews

    RE Curriculum

    Our school follows the curriculum strategy - Learning and Growing as the People of God - provided by the Archdiocese of Birmingham for teaching RE in a Catholic primary school.

    You can see an overview of the units taught throughout the school by clicking on the document below:

    RE is also taught right across the curriculum by making links with ideas and activities that start in RE lessons. There are also numerous opportunities for extended writing in RE and to enhance RE learning through the use of ICT.

    In addition to the diocesan strategy we also hold an annual multicultural and multi-faith celebration week and visit places of worship. We also invite special visitors into school to speak about their faith.

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